Beginner piano lesson #4 – just released

Learning to read music

Following rave reviews from Classic FM after Dave’s first online piano lesson for beginners, we’re pleased to release the fourth in the series of five here. It’s not too late to join in the fun and learn a new skill!

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Dave’s series of 5 Beginner lessons will be released every Monday for the next few weeks. So set yourself a “Monday reminder” to check our website, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see when they’re up!

In his first video for Beginner pianists he assumed literally no knowledge – and promised to get you playing along with him within 1 minute.

His second lesson picks up from where he left off, recapping note names and learning the C major scale, before quickly getting you playing with two hands.

David’s third video for Beginner pianists introduces you to chords, chords progressions, hand-crossing and the excitement of the sustain pedal!

This fourth lesson for Beginner pianists introduces the learner to music notation. With guest appearances from Eira and Alexander singing the notes of the treble and bass clef, learn to name and write them down with some helpful mnemonics. By the end of the video, you will have played a 4-bar tune for both right and left hand, by reading a new language – that of written sheet music!

Throughout the video – you can pause and replay as often as you like – so you can get the hang of each exercise. Then once you’ve mastered it, you can play along with him as a duet – with an elegant or groovy backing track depending on the exercise.

And once you’ve cracked this one, you can move onto Dave’s fifth and final online piano lesson for beginners in which he’ll teach you notated rhythms, a written tune for “hands together” and sharps and flats!

Be inspired to give it a go

Dave was described as a “musical powerhouse” when the Sunday Times came to review one of his courses recently. He was an organ scholar at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge, and we’re very lucky to have him as our Musical Director at Finchcocks. He runs piano courses for adults of all ages at our weekend piano courses at Finchcocks – we have a grand piano for every attendee – incredible food cooked by our own chef – and luxurious accommodation in the recently renovated grade 2 listed Coach House.

If this sounds too easy, try out our online tutorial for intermediate pianists.

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