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for adults

Finchcocks offers residential piano courses for adults of all abilities.

Many of our guests are keen to take up the piano again, having not had time to play properly since leaving school. Equally, we cater for people who are keen to take up the piano from scratch, sometimes having not played the piano at all. At the other end of the spectrum, we offer courses for advanced players (grade 8+) who are working on their diploma as well as courses for piano teachers.

No matter what the level though, the theme and style of the courses is the same.

The courses offers a combination of workshops, masterclasses and seminars. Workshops tend to focus on technique, whereas masterclasses aim to develop performance skills and interpretation. Seminars or short recitals are available on Saturday evenings on the weekend courses and tend to explore the work and style of a particular composer.

Our team of internationally acclaimed tutors lead the group sessions. In between the workshops and masterclasses, there’s plenty of time for private practise with short bursts of individual guidance from our tutors as needed


Each guest has access to their own grand piano in the vaulted recital rooms in the main house. Accommodation is provided in the newly refurbished grade II Coach House which is immediately adjacent to the manor house.

Food, wine and refreshments are included in the cost of the residential courses, with the food being cooked on site by our in-house chef.

We’re regularly adding more courses, so check our availability page for forthcoming events or drop us a line using the form below to find out more.