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Every guest has their own grand piano for the course, and we have some wonderful pianos to try out.

Inside the Steinway


Our Steinway model B, bought from Steinway Hall in 2019 takes pride of place in our recital room.

At 6′ 11″ (211 cm), it is the model that many professional pianists consider the perfect piano with a balance of power and size that makes it exceptionally versatile. The¬†Model B continues to be produced in both the New York and Hamburg factories, where our particular model was made.

It is used at Finchcocks for recordings, recitals and masterclasses and is a firm favourite with our students.

Finchcocks Bosendorfer


With a powerful sonorous bass and a lyrical mid-range, our 6’7″ model 200 Bosendorfer is a joy.

We use the Bosendorfer mainly for recitals and concerts.


Our 6’1″ Bechstein model A was constructed in 1910 and has just been restored for us at Finchcocks.

The piano has a fascinating provenance, and plays beautifully with a rich and natural tone.


Our Model 10 has Bluthner‘s unique patentented aliquot system to enhance the treble and is a firm favourite amongst our guests.

Yamaha Concert Grand

Our 6’1″ Yamaha C3, with its dependable and conventional design and bright engaging tone, it is the piano we often use for our workshop sessions.

Kohler and Campbell

Our small but mighty, 5ft 9in Kohler and Campbell, has a wonderful sonorous quality and was assembled by South Korean manufacturer Samick before being shipped to the United States to be finished by Kohler and Campbell’s master technicians.


Built in Broadwood‘s factory in central London in 1893, this is one of only six prototype barless grands that were made using a solid sheet of steel to form the frame.

This particular model was restored for us by Broadwood and Sons and is used regularly for concerts.

Grotrian Steinweg

There are few families in the world that can claim to have created two world class piano brands. Our Grotrian Steinweg is a concert grand, and after a thorough restoration is sounding glorious.