Welcome to our music library!

Welcome to our music library!

What was your lockdown project?

One of ours at Finchcocks was sorting and cataloguing a wealth of sheet music inherited from the Finchcocks piano museum. It really was an Aladdin’s cave for any piano enthusiast with piles and piles of music by piano greats spilling over in every corner – you actually struggled to see the floor! An overwhelming task, lockdown 3 provided the perfect amount of boredom to get it sorted and we are now very excited to share the results with you…

One wall is all about music exams, with copious amounts of ABRSM repertoire even dating back to 1939! There are also plenty specimen sight reading tests and aural exercises.

For those wishing to try any music out, we have a trusty digital Roland at the ready complete with headphones should you wish for some extra privacy. (Although your only neighbours really are the chickens opposite!)

You’ll also notice a tower full of vocal piano scores inthe background, should you fancy an impromptu sing along around the piano (when singing is once more allowed – not long we hope!)

Perhaps most exciting is the other wall, with four long rows of music by the greats. The top two are dedicated to prominent piano composers (in alphabetical order of course), the bottom two and wonderful selection of lesser known works.

Guests are welcome to slip away to this treasure trove whenever they like on our courses, to explore the wonderful soundworld just waiting to be discovered!