CPD for piano teachers and pianists

CPD for piano teachers and pianists

When first starting out as a music professional, I really struggled to find CPD courses suitable for my level. In the last 10 years however, and with the ever increasing power of the internet, the search has become a lot easier.

There are a number of established and very well respected piano courses available, each with their own strengths. But here’s why Finchcocks residential piano courses offer something extra special in terms of professional development:

Top notch tuition

Our course directors are all at the top of their field with an impressive list of achievements in each of their biographies. They are excited about teaching, sharing their knowledge and giving every guest the boost they need. Find out more about our inspirational tutors.

Small classes

Classes are usually restricted to 9 playing guests only. We sometimes even split the group allowing one half to enjoy private practice whilst the other half has a performance masterclass. This way the atmosphere remains informal, encouraging… and performance workshops don’t require concentration for a whole morning (which now seems a lot harder than when I was at school)!

A piano each

We have 9 grand pianos, each with their own sound and personality. There is never a guest waiting to be able to practice and we encourage rotation throughout the course.

Dedicated time: the “Finchcocks bubble”

Some people ask if they can come as a day guest. Finchcocks is a residential course only. I am absolutely convinced that this helps guests get the most out of the course with full “piano immersion”. Having hosted one course this summer, I came home to find we had a new prime minister! What a relief to be away from day-to-day life, chores and politics, and to be able to focus solely on your passion without distraction.

And the bonus extras! The photos speak for themselves…

Beautiful and inspiring setting

Dinner in the coach house

Outstanding food and hospitality

And don’t forget…


It’s worth noting that the cost of training courses is an allowable expense for tax purposes. That means you’ll be able to develop your skills as a tutor and player and decrease your tax bill at the same time, which is quite a nice thought!

EPTA discount

We offer a £50 discount to EPTA members.


If you would like proof of attendance, we can provide you with a Finchcocks certificate upon request.

Jennifer Maslin is a vocal and instrumental tutor based in Tunbridge Wells, and Assistant Course Director at Finchcocks. She specialises in classical and jazz singing and has a strong interest in continued professional development, keeping her own singing and helping her students’ singing be the best it can be.