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Warren Mailley-Smith – Debussy and other Romantics – JUST RELEASED

5 July @ 7:00 pm - 7 July @ 3:30 pm

Debussy’s studies of colour, form and texture paved the way for the 20th century composers that followed him, and so we’re very excited to announce our first ever weekend exploring the work of the father of musical modernism.

We’re incredibly lucky to have secured the services of Warren Mailley-Smith for this course. In 2016, Warren became the first British pianist to perform Chopin’s complete works for solo piano from memory at a series of concerts at St John Smith’s Square in London, a feat which involved memorising 3.5 million notes!

Over the course of the weekend, Warren will explore and demonstrate both the technical aspects of playing Debussy’s music as well as sessions on how to perform Debussy’s music to the best of our ability.

He’ll explain why Debussy sounds like Debussy and show us how Debussy intended us to play his pieces. In the masterclass sessions, we’ll look at developing phrasing and articulation, with plenty of tips on performance and how to polish our pieces and make them sound as natural and elegant as possible.

In the evening on Saturday, Warren will give a talk and recital on Debussy, combining music from various points in his life with a biographical commentary that will help us understand the underlying emotions found in Debussy’s music.

There can be few people in the world more qualified to talk to us about memorisation, so Warren will also run a session on techniques for memorising pieces and how it can be useful when learning and developing your repertoire.

In between the workshop and masterclass sessions there will be time for private practise on one of our beautiful grand pianos. During these sessions, Warren will drop in to each of the practice rooms to provide individual pointers and tips.

The course is intended for intermediate to advanced players who are keen to bring their favourite works by Debussy to life. It might well be that there’s a prelude that you’ve been struggling with for years that you would desperately like to perfect, or equally there might be a Waltz that you have always wanted to play, but haven’t yet had the chance to really work on. Equally, you are welcome to bring along some Chopin, Liszt or any of of your favourite romantic composers.

For booking enquiries, please contact us on 01580 428080 or fill in the form below.

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Start: 5 July @ 7:00 pm
End: 7 July @ 3:30 pm