The joy of playing together: duets

The joy of playing together: duets

We usually begin our courses here at Finchcocks with a good musical ice breaker. This relaxes pre-course nerves and gives guests the chance to experiment on a few of our beautiful grand pianos. Some guests will never have had the chance to play on one before and can be a bit overwhelmed. Others are chomping at the bit to get going! Duets are a fantastic way of easing people in. Guests can pick a book appropriate to their sight-reading level, a playing partner and piano and then the fun begins. It’s lovely seeing people get to know each other: helping each other along; encouraging each other; making a few slips and laughing along the way.

Here are some of our recommendations for duet repertoire…

The Beginner – Lower Intermediate

The Intermediate


Mixed ability

Duets with Astrid and Diana P

As mentioned in the foreword of The Joy of Piano Duets, Robert Schumman advised “Don’t omit any opportunity to play with others.” Happy playing!