7-concert Autumn series with Warren Mailley-Smith

7-concert Autumn series with Warren Mailley-Smith

World-class music livestreamed from Finchcocks

This Sunday starts what we hope will be a very successful and exciting series of concerts live here from Finchcocks, with concert pianist and well-loved Finchcocks tutor Warren Mailley-Smith.  The set of 7 concerts will explore some of Warren’s favourite works for the piano, as well as some new pieces he’s keen to share with you.

As you can see below, each programme is new, with a carefully curated theme and beginning with Nocturne and the Night, featuring Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and nocturnes by Field, Chopin, Grieg and Faure.  All proceeds go to the artist. We look forward to sharing this music with you!

All proceeds go to the artist.

CONCERT 1 | Sunday, 4 October 7:00PM

NOCTURNE AND THE NIGHT | Warren Mailley-Smith goes live from Finchcocks in a series of seven concerts.  The first concert celebrates sounds and feelings of the night.  The evening begins with Schumann’s Des Abends and Field’s Nocturne in B-flat major.  The concert continues with some moonlight with Debussy’s Clair de Lune and a selection of nocturnes by Chopin, Grieg and Fauré.  The evening ends with Beethoven’s infamous Moonlight Sonata.

CONCERT 2 | Sunday, 18 October 7:00PM

AUTUMN FAREWELLS | ​​Pianist Warren Mailley-Smith goes live from Finchcocks in a concert filled with the sounds of Autumn. The evening includes Beethoven and Chopin’s Les Adieux, Tchaikovsky’s Autumn Song and Debussy’s Cloches a travers les feuilles, and ends with Chaminade’s Automne.

CONCERT 3 | Sunday, 1 November 7:00PM

SCHUBERT – SUBLIME VISIONS | Join pianist Warren Mailley-Smith for a concert experience from the stunning Finchcocks in Kent.  The evening begins with Schubert’s effervescent Impromptu in A-flat major and ends with the monumental Sonata in B-flat major.

CONCERT 4 | Sunday, 8 November 7:00PM

EVOCATIONS | Join pianist Warren Mailley-Smith for an online concert from Finchcocks.  The evening is filled with music that evokes scenes from life.  The programme begins with Liszt’s Les jeux d’eau a la ville d’est and Debussy’s Girl with the Flaxen Hair and The Submerged Cathedral.  The evening finishes Satie’s Gymnopodie and Ravel’s Sonatine.

CONCERT 5 | Sunday, 15 November 7:00PM

BEAUTY OF NATURE | ​Pianist Warren Mailley-Smith goes live from Finchcocks in a concert echoing the stunning scenes of nature. The evening begins with Beethoven’s Pastoral Sonata followed by Balakirev’s The Lark and Liszt’s Au Lac Wallenstadt.  The evening closes with Rachmaninov’s Flight of the Bumblebee and Lilacs.

CONCERT 6 | Sunday, 22 November 7:00PM

THUNDER AND LIGHTNING | Storms, wind and drama.  Join Warren Mailley-Smith for a concert live from Finchcocks.  The evening begins with Beethoven’s Tempest Sonata followed by Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude.  The concert continues with two works echoing winds by Chopin and Debussy and finished with Debussy’s Jardins sous la pluie.

CONCERT 7 | Sunday, 29 November 7:00PM

JAZZ MEETS CLASSICAL | An evening of jazz with Warren Mailley-Smith from Finchcocks.  The concert begins with Gershwin’s Three Preludes followed by Kapustin’s Sonatina Op. 1 and Prelude No. 23.  The evening continues with Gottschalk’s The Banjo and Chopin’s Berceuse and finishes with Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.