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Model 200

Finchcocks Bosendorfer

With a powerful sonorous bass and a lyrical mid-range, our 6’7″ model 200 Bosendorfer is a joy.

Manufactured in Vienna, Bosendorfer began building pianos in 1828 and has made this model to the same specification for over half a century.

It uses a Capa d’Astro bar to enhance the treble, which picks up resonance from the frame adding harmonics to broaden the sound. The bass strings contain a steel core, which is then coated in copper to produce its characteristic warm European sound.

The sand cast forged frame is a feat of engineering in itself with an incredibly strong cross structure that allows the frame to remain stable with 20 tonnes of string tension.

With ivory keys, and a handsome ebonised case, it is a piano that is truly inspiring.

If you’d like to hear the Bosendorfer in action, come to one of our concerts or recitals, or drop us a line using the form below, telling us a bit about your playing experience to date.