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Grotrian Steinweg

Concert Grand

There are few families in the world that can claim to have created two world class piano brands.

Heinrich Steinweg, set up a piano factory in Braunschweig in Germany, but not content with national fame, set off across the Atlantic to make his name in America in 1850 taking with him five of his sons.


He left the German manufacturing operation in the hands of another of his sons, Theodor who collaborated with Friedrick Grotrian for nearly two decades before the Grotrian family, assumed full control in 1865.


Our 7’3″ concert grand, takes a full 8 months to construct and is one of only 100 made each year. Grotrians are known for their technical precision and capable of both delicate pianissimo and the sort of powerful fortissimo you would expect from a concert grand.

If you’d like to play the Grotrian and join us on a course, drop us a line using the form below, telling us a bit about your playing experience to date.