Beginner piano lesson #5 – just released

Beginner piano lesson #5 – just released

This post marks this fifth and final of our free online Beginner course. Having made it onto Classic FM‘s best online courses available, see what the fuss is about – it’s not too late to join in the fun and learn a new skill!

The final in a series of five

If you’re joining us now, David Hall‘s series of 5 beginner lessons have been released every Monday for the last few weeks during lockdown. If you want to start from the beginning or go back to a previous lesson, here’s a summary of the course below.

In his first video for Beginner pianists he assumed literally no knowledge – and promised to get you playing along with him within 1 minute.

His second lesson picks up from where he left off, recapping note names and learning the C major scale, before quickly getting you playing with two hands.

David’s third video for Beginner pianists introduces you to chords, chords progressions, hand-crossing and the excitement of the sustain pedal!

The fourth lesson for Beginner pianists introduced the learner to music notation and finishing by playing a 4-bar tune for both right and left hand.

The fifth and final online lesson, continues your lesson in written music, with notated rhythms. Begin with a left-hand bass line whilst David accompanies you with some jazzy improvisation. Play a mournful classical melody with your right hand to a different backing track and then follow this with your first written tune for two hands – what an achievement! If that wasn’t enough for you, David finishes off the lesson with an introduction to sharps and flats (the black notes), always an excitement for a beginner.

Throughout the video – you can pause and replay as often as you like – so you can get the hang of each exercise. Then once you’ve mastered it, you can play along with him as a duet – with an elegant or groovy backing track depending on the exercise.

Thank you for joining us for the online Beginner course! We hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. If you would like to find out more about our residential courses at Finchcocks, especially our 3-day Beginner course running on the bank holiday August weekend, please drop us a line using the form below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your musical background – even if you are a beginner. We’d love to hear from you.