A New Grand Piano!

A New Grand Piano!

We’re very pleased to announce the latest addition to our collection – a very handsome Grotrian Steinweg concert grand piano. And at 7ft 3in, the model 220 grand piano is the second largest piano in our piano collection.

The partnership between Friedrick Grotrian and Theodor Steinweg began in the 1850s. A few years before, Theodor’s father, Heinrich, had emigrated to New York to try establish a manufacturing base there.

Heinrich had originally set up the factory in Braunschweig in Germany, and on arrival at Liberty Island, changed his name to Steinway. A decade later, Theodor sold his share in Grotrian-Steinweg and moved to New York to join his father, where they jointly established the world famous Steinway and Sons.

The Grotrian family, assumed full control in 1865 and have continued to make world class pianos ever since. Their operations are now run by the 6th generation of Grotrians, manufacturing only 100 grand pianos a year.

Their pianos today are thought by many piano commentators to rival Steinways and Bosendorfers.

The model we have just bought, the concert grand, takes a full 8 months to construct.

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