Intermediate piano lesson #2 – just released

Circle of fifths at Finchcocks

We’re very pleased to announce David Hall’s second free Intermediate video tutorial on Harmony is now available below.

In this second video for Intermediate players, David takes learners through the fundamentals of harmony and the circle of fifths. Explaining how keys are connected, he uses the circle of fifths to play all his scales in under a minute on our Steinway! It might take you a little longer at first, but you can pause and replay the video as often as you like until you can get the hang of each exercise. David then uses a clever “traffic light system” to pick out the root chord (using the tonic triad) of each key easily. By the end of the video you will have composed your own piano tune with two to six related chords!

And once you’ve mastered this one, you can move onto Dave’s third online piano lesson for intermediates in which he’ll introduce you to the delights of different kinds of pedalling!

Time to get playing and creative with your harmony: Click on the video below…

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Dave’s series of 5 Intermediate lessons will be released every Friday for the next few weeks.

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If this sounds too tricky, we have also released a free online series for Beginner pianists, assuming no knowledge of the learner at all. Check these out here and please share with anyone you think would appreciate learning a new skill during lockdown (or after!).

Be inspired to give it a go

Dave was described as a “musical powerhouse” when the Sunday Times came to review one of his courses recently. He was an organ scholar at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge, and we’re very lucky to have him as our Musical Director at Finchcocks. He runs piano courses for adults of all ages at our weekend piano courses at Finchcocks – we have a grand piano for every attendee – incredible food cooked by our own chef – and luxurious accommodation in the recently renovated grade 2 listed Coach House.

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