Who came on our Advanced summer school course?

Who came on our Advanced summer school course?

One of the questions I am often asked by prospective course applicants is What age are guests who attend your piano courses at Finchcocks? and What background experience do your students have? I thought it would be helpful to give a little insight into this in my blog about our first Advanced summer school. Meet our Advanced players – advanced amateurs, advanced students and advanced professionals!

Jeremy playing the Bluethner

Jeremy: Advanced amateur and consultant cardiologist. A Finchcocks regular!

Tom: Telecoms consultant and amateur advanced pianist and performer. He travelled from Belgium to join us.

Louissa: Full time piano teacher. She teaches privately and at a Cambridge Prep School.

Val & Dave: Val is a piano teacher and vicar of no less than five parishes in Scotland! Dave, a former academic, now accompanies Val on courses and is proficient in luggage carrying, wasp killing, page-turning and photography.

Anuvrat: joined us all the way from Delhi. He is a 19 year old student and winner of the Young Musician of the Year 2019 with the Olga & Jules Craen Foundation www.olgajulescraen.com He plans on becoming a concert pianist.

A smiling woman sat at an antique keyboard.

Tammy: is a management consultant and an extremely accomplished amateur with a DipABRSM and LTCL diploma in piano performance. She made a special trip to Finchcocks all the way from New York!

Martin: works in insurance. He loves all things finance and is an highly accomplished advanced player to boot.

Romi: has just completed her second year at the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance. She wowed us with her performace of Ravel′s Jeux d′eau.

Alon: is preparing for his ATCL diploma and came on our Advanced course to gain experience in performance. Professionally he is a technology executive but he organises amateur concerts in London.

Irena: is preparing for her ATCL. She teaches piano full time and came to Finchcocks for some professional development, as well as the opportunity to dedicate time to focus on her own playing.

So, as Lumière from Beauty and the Beast sings: “Be our guest!”