Waltzing Among the Flowers

Waltzing Among the Flowers

by Finchcocks host Jasmine Coomber

The gardens at Finchcocks have been thriving this Spring, persisting through the snow and hail, and now enjoying the sunshine. This photo-series stems from a peaceful afternoon wander through the flowers.

Wild daffodils

Last weekend, we learnt about the characteristics of Romantic music with Warren Mailley-Smith. In the early to mid-19th Century, composers such as Beethoven and Schubert started using musical expression to describe the world around them. Looking at the delicate beauty of the flowers in the garden, it is no wonder so many romantic composers have found inspiration in nature.

Hawthorn; Cuckooflower; Forget-me-nots; Annual Honesty

Didier’s Tulips

Summer Snowflakes

Chocolate Lily and Crown Imperial Fritillary

Whilst cockerels have been less frequently described in music, at least not until Rimsky-Korsakov wrote Le Coq d’Or (1909), perhaps Finchcocks rooster Egbert (otherwise known as ‘Eggy’) – or Little Dave – could provide inspiration for your next piece of improvisation…

Inquisitive Cockerels