Charity Broadwood Concert: Last year

Charity Broadwood Concert: Last year

We’ve very pleased to announce that we will be hosting a concert in collaboration with John Broadwood and Sons, with all profits being donated to the Help Musicians UK.

The concert is being sponsored by Broadwood to celebrate the bicentenary of the delivery of one of Broadwood’s finest pianos to Beethoven.

We have three Broadwood pianos in our collection that we use for our weekend piano courses, and one of them bears a remarkable similarity to the one that was sent to Beethoven in 1817.

In 1817 Thomas Broadwood, knowing Beethoven to be an admirer of his pianos, took particular care to create an instrument that would impress the most famous composer of the era. He invited five highly acclaimed London based musicians to help design the instrument, which took nearly a year to make and was dispatched from London on 27 December 1817. Its long journey over land and sea included transportation over the alps.

Broadwood’s care and attention was greeted with a glowing endorsement from Beethoven, who is reported to have said: “I will regard it as an altar on which I will offer to god Apollo my most beautiful sacrifices of spirit”.

Paul Roberts, an internationally acclaimed concert pianist, will be performing pieces by Beethoven in the first half of our concert on one of our barless Broadwood grand pianos. In the second half, Paul, who is a leading authority on the music of Debussy, will be playing selected works to mark the centenary of Debussy’s death.

The concert will take place in the newly renovated vaulted brick cellars in Finchcocks on Sunday 27 May at 7:30 PM.

Tickets can be bought online here. Advance booking essential.