Finchcocks launches “performance evaluations”

Man sitting at Steinway piano listening to tutor

Many adult learners like a goal to work towards, often leading to the challenge of a music exam. It’s not necessarily about getting the certificate – but pushing yourself to get a set of pieces to performance level, and provide an exam opportunity to practise the art of performing (a skill in itself!).

The problem with adults, is that they’re a lot harder on themselves than younger learners, making the looming exam a rather daunting prospect – whatever the grade!

Finchcocks has decided to address this and provide a performance launch pad for pianists.

Our Performance Evaluation days will be run three times a year and come with the following options.

  • Saturday offering (£150), including Saturday lunch: practice in morning, exam in the afternoon
  • Extended Friday-Saturday offering (£350), including lunch on both days, a two-course dinner and an overnight stay on the Friday, and the exam on Saturday afternoon

Saturday will provide opportunity to play either repertoire only or a full mock exam consisting of repertoire, sightreading, aural and scales to our Music Director David Hall. Guests will then receive verbal and written feedback (not scored), to give an idea of whether they played well enough to pass a formal exam – and what they can do to improve.

Repertoire from any grade or exam board is welcome – from ABRSM and Trinity, to LCM, MTB and beyond! David will adjust feedback accordingly.

Around the scheduled performance with David, guests will have the chance to spend the day polishing their pieces and working on feedback on one of our nine grand pianos.


The extended stay allows for more practice and playing time, getting used to the pianos and emersing yourself in “paradise for pianists” so that you can enjoy the experience as much as possible!

Horsmonden bathroom

If you’re already coming out in a cold sweat at the thought of the goal you’ve set for yourself months away – or want a fresh pair of ears to evaluate your playing, our Performance Evaluation is right up your street!

Check our availability for when they’re scheduled.