Panelled West

Spacious wooden panelled room with large private bathroom, bath and walk-in shower.

£725 / weekend; £875 / 3 days; £1550 / 5 days
Panelled West

Panelled West is beautiful, double room on the second floor, looking out over Finchcocks’ private gardens and local Kentish vinyards.

Panelled throughout, spot the historic service bell tucked behind the headboard! (It’s not connected before you try for a morning cup of tea!). The spacious room offers a lovely sitting area to relax in, as well as its own large, private bathroom directly adjacent to the room with bath and walk-in shower.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner (and wifi!) included.

  • Full board
  • Breakfast from 8am
  • Lunch at 1pm
  • Dinner at 8pm
  • Morning workshops
  • Afternoon masterclasses
  • Evening Seminars
  • Practice rooms open from 8am to 8pm
Panelled West bathroom